Why you should take a photography workshop
Mexico is and will always be special. It's one of the most photogenic countries on the entire planet and it's a brilliant place to be a photographer.

Mexico is and will always be special. It's one of the most photogenic countries on the entire planet and it's a brilliant place to be a photographer.

Our photography workshops and tours have been designed to guide the guests through the most photogenic locations in the city, often away from the typical tourist trails, while at the same time aiding to perfect the photographic skills. And here are some reasons for it.
People skills are more important than camera skills

Being able to take a technically good camera is very different from being able to take a photo that captures the mood of a person or situation. Knowing your exposure triangle by heart isn't going to help you get invited into the home of photography. For photographers, people skills are far more important than technical skills.

This is something we work on in our workshops. We will put you in situations that are way out of your usual comfort zone. Situations where you have no choice but to make a connection with someone you probably share no language with, in order to get the shot.

And guess what? That's what travel is all about! Being out of your comfort zone, putting your trust in the kindness of strangers and finding common ground. Finding some way to break the ice and make a connection.
Making friends is more important than getting the shot

Some photographers are so focused on getting the 'perfect' shot that they seem to forget the people they are taking photos of are in fact real people and not just props in a play. It can be painful to watch. And it doesn't make us feel too good about this profession.

In our workshops we dont just teach to perfect the photographic skills but have a memorable and genuine interaction with the people and local culture.
Smart travel is to be a better photographer, better traveller

Learning to travel smarter will make you a much better photographer. At the same time, being a photographer (at least one with the right attitude) tends to make you a better traveller. It's a great feedback circle to be in.

Also, being a photographer tends to mean you are naturally quite curious. You like finding new things and going to new locations. Being a photographer gives you an extra reason to explore further and deeper.

Why? Well, if you were just on holiday, you'd very rarely have a reason to go down that smoke-filled alleyway, or to the shipyards – being a photographer, you do. Because that's where the pictures are. And in exploring these places you find out so much more about a country than you ever would on a regular holiday.

In every workshop we take you to some of the most photogenic places and showcase some of the most stunning sights. Cities like San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico City, Tulum and many others are the most looking forward to.

Apart from learning how to navigate quickly around modern DSLR and mirrorless cameras, we show how to use the inner eye to create images to be proud of. We will go over various techniques to capture images using light, composition, perspective, selective focus, shadows and highlights and other methods.

These workshops are a mix of adventure and a classic workshop. It's a benefit to semi-professional photographers as well as beginners and advanced amateurs.

Happy snapping and bon voyage!
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