How to pose for a vacation photo
Mexico is certainly one of the most photogenic places in the world. This is not only due to the scenic landscape with the impressive views of the colorful cities and the distinctive architecture, but also because of the unique atmosphere here.
Mexico is certainly one of the most photogenic places in the world. This is not only due to the scenic landscape with the impressive views of the colorful cities and the distinctive architecture, but also because of the unique atmosphere here. Many people visit Mexico every year on their holidays, so having a photoset session is certainly one of the highlights of the whole trip that will keep the memories alive.

But sometimes our guests are getting nervous about how to pose in a vacation photo session, don't be. We have some simple photoshoot poses that anyone can pull off. However, the best advice for how to pose is to just act naturally and let your photographer do all the work. For the most part, we encourage you not to focus on posing at all – it can appear rather forced and unnatural.

Below we have listed some fun tips and ideas that will really help you shine during your vacation photoshoot.

When discussing the details for your vacation photo session such as the meeting spot, the best photo spots, and the start time, you should also talk about the style you are looking for. Here are your three options:

  1. Directed: This is the best option for people who are looking to get lots of help and direction from the photographer. We are more than happy to help you with the preparation for for a photo session
  2. No direction: This is for people who are very comfortable in front of the camera and that are looking for a natural photojournalistic approach
  3. Balanced Mix: This is the most common style. It includes some candid photojournalistic shots and some direction along the way to help with ideas and simple photoshoot poses for your photoshoot.
How to pose for a photoshoot

One of the easiest ways to strike a natural pose during a photoshoot is to play with any props you have available. From balloons and signs to a chair or something else, a prop will distract you from the fact that you're actually posing.

No props? Do you know what to wear? Want to wear a long, wavy dress? It could even be as simple as playfully tossing the skirt of your dress around! Have a hat? Toss it in the air! If your vacation photoshoot happens to be on a beach, make use of the natural resources around you– from sand to seashells, anything can be made into a fun prop.

No need to go through all those awkward selfies poses in your repertoire. Your vacation photographer will help guide you through your travel photoshoot, but the following tips are great to know before starting the photo session.
Relax the hands

One of the most common posing issues is where should I put my hands? Forget all those trendy Instagram photoshoot poses you see online. As soon as people put them in front of a camera, it's as though they've never realized they had hands before. Hands become these unnatural appendages and it's hard to know where to place them! The key here is to keep your hands loose– don't ball them up and avoid showing the back of your hands. Keeping your hands fluid is even easier with the use of props (see above)!

'What does this mean?' you may be wondering. Fair question! We find that, on many shoots, folks have no idea how to pose for vacation photos without their hands being in an awkward position. We want your travel photos to look as natural as possible, so a great tip is to let your hands accentuate the photo.

A simple photoshoot pose could be looking away from the camera and pointing your hand as if you're looking at something in the distance. Or, you could look up with your hand above your eyebrows as though you're shading the sun to see something incredible. You can also use props to give your hands something to do during a photoshoot– whether it's holding balloons, throwing something in the air, or tossing a frisbee, there are plenty of options to spice up a photo!

Try taking photos mid-step

Another great tip for your family vacation photos is to capture action moments. Step, skip, hop, jump– have fun and move around! This will create further interest and make for some hilarious moments for sure. Action travel photos also act as a great distraction for those who may be nervous or shy about having their picture was taken.
Walk, Spin and Laugh!

This is a great tip for couple photoshoot poses. What feelings do you want your shoot to evoke? Sweet, adventurous, romantic or candid? Thinking about this ahead of time will make it much easier to plan all the details of your shoot and ensures that your personal photographer can capture the vacation photos of your dreams.

During your photo session, do natural photoshoot poses and movements such as walking arm in arm, going for a spin, dancing in the street, a big hug and a laugh, and anything else that pops in your head! Moving around in your photos makes the shot more natural and interesting. Think about it – would you rather be in mid-motion laughing or stiff looking at the camera? Start to envision these natural photoshoot poses so that when you are on your shoot you are ready to have fun and have a good time instead of stressing about how to pose for vacation photos.

Don't Force It

No matter the occasion, we want you to have fun during your photoshoot. Forget the awkward photoshoot poses that your mom insisted on for your family portraits back in the day – we want to capture all of your silly, genuine, romantic, candid moments! For that reason, we suggest trying a simple photo pose, especially during the beginning of the photo session when you are still warming up. Try and forget the camera is even there; the sooner you do, the better your photos will turn out.
The last thing to remember about photo session is to have fun. It is not meant to be a beauty context but a wonderful experience during your vacation.

Explore Mexico with us and enjoy your vacation.
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